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Getting Started

Prior to emailing me a selection of photos to look at, you will be provided with guidelines on what photos work best for a drawing.  I will then work with you to select the best photo out of the ones I receive.  It may be necessary to take some new photographs.

Completed drawings are 9" x 12". With the black mat that is included, the frame size is 11" x 14".  Custom drawings are $135.  If more than one subject is in the drawing, there is an added fee of $25.  Drawings are paid for in full when the order is placed.  This is done through Pay Pal, using a debit or credit card.

Drawing Size and Cost

The turnaround time after an order is placed averages about 3 weeks.  During my busy holiday season, it can take longer.  When the drawing is finished a preview will be emailed to you for approval.  Refunds are not given, but rather a credit for another drawing will be issued.  

Other Information

Custom Ink Portraits

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Christmas is getting closer every day, so if you want to order a Custom Ink Portrait of a Favorite Furry Friend to give as a gift this holiday season place your order now to ensure it is completed in time.  I'm only accepting 10 custom drawing orders a month, so that is another reason to not delay.

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Things to Consider if Ordering a Custom Ink Portrait

Not a Photograph

Drawings are not an exact copy of a photograph.  Great effort will be made to create an image as close to the photo as possible.  When the drawing is finished you will recognize your buddy and their personality.

Choosing the Right Photo

The eyes are the focal point of the drawing, so choose a photo that shows them clearly.  The entire body of medium to large breed dogs cannot be drawn.  My style of drawing is very detailed and the smaller the dog gets that detail is lost.

Pen Color Options

Every attempt will be made to choose pen colors as close as possible to the colors of your buddy's fur.  However, there are limitations in available ink colors.

White Fur

If a dog or cat has large white areas in their fur, because of the lines and circles I add over the colors, white fur will not stand out as much.


If you order a Custom Ink Portrait you can have notecards made from that drawing. 

Contact Terri for more information.

9" x 12" with Black Mat

Price $135

$16 Packaging and Shipping

Ship only within U.S.



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No Unhappy Customers 

Click on drawing for a more detailed view.

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#350 Shay 042318-353.jpg

"Oh my gosh!  The drawing of Shay is beyond amazing.  I absolutely love it.  You captured her perfectly.  I can't thank you enough Terri."

Michelle Ely

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#21 Jade 021217-197_edited.jpg

"I got a great big smile on my face when I saw the drawing of Jade.  Boy did you capture his attitude.  You did an amazing job.  The colorful bandana was a great addition."

Jennifer McKim

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#537 Ollie 110121-617 - Copy.jpg

"We love the drawing.  Excellent work.  You captured Ollie's expression and personality perfectly."

Elaine Austerman

98% Satisfaction Rating

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