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The Power of Photographs

Me and the Kids in One of the Syrian Refugee Camps in Kurdistan.JPG

Besides drawing, I also love to express my creativity through photography.  I have been fortunate to travel to all but one of the fifty states and to 27 countries.  Being able to capture the uniqueness of each place I've visited has expanded my view and appreciation of the world. 


In 2013 and 2014 I traveled to Iraq's Northern Region of Kurdistan.  While there I visited six different refugee camps.  I could have stayed there forever capturing the images of people who made this crisis real. On several of the trips I brought art supplies and spent time with the children creating.  It will always be one of my life experiences I cherish.

Having witnessed first-hand the effects of war on people and animals, it makes me angry and sad to think about the senseless war in Ukraine.  If it were possible to be there helping, I would not hesitate to go.  Being so far away, is a helpless feeling.  I knew I had to do something though.  So, twenty-five days after the war began, I started posting daily on my Facebook page a different photo from Ukraine that shows the suffering, compassion or the determination of the Ukrainians not to give up.  It's a small effort, but it is my way of reminding people that even though the war is no long front-page news, people and animals are still struggling to survive.

Below are some of the photos I have posted.  You can't look at them and not want to do something to help. 

Click on photographs for a more detailed view.

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Help Ukraine's

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Help Ukraine's

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