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Recognition of My Creativity

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During the year I enter some of my favorite drawings and photographs in art shows. Artists enjoy sharing their creations with the public.  A lot of what I draw and take photos of are animals.  This has connected me with fellow animal loving people and boy can we find a lot to talk about.  When one of my entries receives a ribbon that is an added bonus that validates my talent. I've also received comments about my work, some of which have led to unexpected inspiration.  Artists become better artists when they are open to new ways of creating.

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Awards for Ink Drawings

Click on drawing for a more detailed view.


#529 Grizzly 080921-599.jpg

Best of Show and 1st Place

Division - Professional Fine Arts

Class - Ink Drawing of an Animal

2022 El Dorado County Fair

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Awards for Photographs

Click on photograph for a more detailed view.


1st Place

Division - Professional Photography

Class - Portrait

2022 El Dorado County Fair

Too Young to Worry 

Location ~ Refugee Camp in Kurdistan

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