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Animals in Turkey

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In 2011, I traveled from Iraq to Istanbul, Turkey and eventually to the states with a rescued donkey named Smoke.  My travel buddy had been the mascot for a U.S. Marine unit in Iraq.  When it was decided he needed a new life outside this country that has the habit of not treating animals with kindness, I got involved in coordinating this incredibly complicated, never before done, journey.  Smoke and I spent almost a month in Istanbul as the challenging logistics were finalized.  During that time, I got to know several local animal lovers, who took me to a number of animal shelters.  I was pleased at the efforts to give the animals the best life possible.  Overall, the people in Istanbul do care about dogs and cats.  There is an extensive trap, sterilize and release program.  Many of the animals you see on the streets have ear tags that designate them as one of the lucky ones that has been altered and vaccinated.  It was also nice to see bowls of food and water put in front of restaurants and homes for the street animals.  I ate at many restaurants whose owners would not think twice about allowing a dog or cat to wander in to seek shade or a place to take a nap.   Living on the streets is not the life you'd want, but at least in Istanbul the animals don't have it all that bad.

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It's Okay Not to Match

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Image by Chris Lawton
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